Welcome to the PDMAG Academy

Where you can turbo charge your learning experience with the help of Mentors.  The PDMAG Apprenticeship yearly membership is $99.00, which gives you access to our PDMAG Academy, where our mentors can help advance your sculpting skills. You will also get your own apprentice page on our website.

The Apprenticeship program is designed to help artists at different levels grow their skills to the intermediate level or higher so that they may join the ranks of our artists members and be counted among some the very best art doll creators in the world. Our award winning OOAK doll artists volunteer as mentors so that new and budding artists can learn at an advanced pace to create beautiful art dolls through the PDMAG Mentor/Apprentice Academy. Come join our mission to help keep this industry going and growing by helping to train the next generation of doll makers and sparking the love of dolls into the next generation.

Whether you’re a Master doll artist who wants to share your skills with the next generation of doll makers as a Mentor, an intermediate artist who could use help polishing your work to a more professional level, a novice artist who wants to learn from the experiences of master doll makers PDMAG Academy has a place for you. We offer both an Intermediate  Academy – For polymer clay artists that need assistance in advancing with their art doll making who are either Novice or Intermediate artists.  We also offer a Baby Academy – For Novice and Intermediate artists who specialize in babies only.  

New apprentice member applications are currently being accepted. Our academy groups have skilled master level doll makers heading them. CLICK HERE  to go to the apprentice sign up.

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